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Specialty chemicals for oil and gas

Ascend Performance Materials is a global leader in the production of high-quality chemicals, fibers and plastics. Our specialty chemicals and blends of acids, amines and esters are used in a variety of applications across the oil and gas industry. We offer custom solutions through our growing line of formulated blends.

Common applications

Highlighted products

  • HexatranTM-300 is a multifunctional product based on triaminononane that provides a cost-effective solution for use in oil and gas particularly as semi-permanent clay stabilizer intermediate, emulsifier and corrosion inhibition
  • FlexaTramTM-DAM-120/700, a product based on diaminocyclohexane and hexamethylene diamine, enhances performance of H2S scavenger and prevents precipitate build up, common in the presence of MEA triazine
  • FlexaTramTM-BHM-170, a product based on (bis)-hexamethylenetriamine, features ultra-low metal content for enhanced performance in several oil and gas applications, such as corrosion inhibition and water clarification
  • FlexaTramTM-HMT is a liquid hexamine product that is designed to support the resurging resin-coated proppant market.